Enjoying Your Massage to The Fullest

There are many factors to think about when it comes to getting a massage. In order to get the full benefits of a spa treatment, it is important to remember a few things about your actions before and after. Our Massage Therapist, Elizabeth Mendre shares with us her best tips on how to enjoy your massage to the fullest while also reaping the benefits.

What are the BIGGEST health benefits of massage?
One of the biggest health benefits for receiving massage is tension relief. If you think of massage as meaning soft tissue release or relaxation, it all make more sense. Our muscles hold tension, become tight and begin to compress the nerves that pass through them, which in turn causes the nerves to signal our brain and body to then experience discomfort. Massage helps alleviate this tension and lessen the discomfort you might experience.

What are some steps to take BEFORE a massage?
Try to schedule your massage time when you have at least a few hours to yourself. Why decompress, unwind and rejuvenate if you will jump right back on the “freeway of life”? Take time to arrive a few moments early to calm your mind, drink some water & and use steam and or sauna if amenities are available. Working out before hand is absolutely fine! And please, if facilities are available, shower before your treatment. Products used during a session may be more beneficial with clean skin (such as a muscle soother).

What are some steps to take AFTER a massage?
Drinking water to help your body naturally eliminate toxins can help. Many toxins are released during soft tissue work, lactic acid for instance, and many other toxins our lymphatic system constantly work to eliminate. Avoiding caffeinated drinks or alcohol after a treatment would be a good rule of thumb! These products can create inflammation and therefore become counter -productive. Often recommended as well, is to NOT tax your muscles in the normal way you would during your daily routine. For example, if you carry a large bag, feel compelled to clean the garage or want to hit your extreme daily workout after a massage treatment, don’t do it! Let your body & mind hold on the stress reduced space as long as possible!

Does TIME of day matter when booking a massage?
Everyone is different, some people are early birds, some night owls. Listen to your body and what it needs. After all, you know and understand yourself in a way no one else can, tune in and listen.

What is the importance of TALKING to your Massage Therapist?
It is important to discuss any current or previous injury that creates tension or discomfort. With that said, discomfort in general is important to share with your therapist. Customizing your care by optimizing our time together is at the top of a successful massage therapists’ agenda. Our first job is to listen to your needs and address them accordingly through our work.

Now that you know how to properly prepare for a massage and how to properly take care of yourself after your treatment, it’s time to relax! Book your next spa day here, and this time, change your routine to incorporate some of these tips. Note the differences when you prepare for a massage and how much better you feel after.