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The healing and rejuvenating power of touch has been known since ancient times. Modern science has proven that massage reduces muscle tension, lessens stress and anxiety, and provides pain relief. It works, whether you’re in a “pamper me” mood or seeking relief from chronic pain or stress. Our massage therapists — masters of techniques rooted in the world’s greatest healing traditions — provide an exceptional experience whether you are looking for stress-relief, relaxation or a specific corrective therapy.


Known for its purity, versatility and mineral content, Himalayan Crystal Salt offers wellness for the body. This restorative massage uses warm stones to soothe sore muscles and naturally replenish the body with vital minerals, restoring balance and removing toxins.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $180 | FRI-SUN $185
80 MIN WEEKDAY $245 | FRI-SUN $250

Red Rock Recovery Massage

Recover from a long day exploring the Mojave Desert landscape or
following a challenging workout. Let us kick start your recovery with
a re-energizing inhalation of Eucalyptus oil to help balance and calm
your mind. Feel your tensions slip away while you enjoy an invigorating
massage using a blend of Helichrysum, clove, and peppermint oil to help reduce inflammation and ease

50 MIN WEEKDAY $180 | FRI-SUN $185
80 MIN WEEKDAY $245 | FRI-SUN $250
110 MIN WEEKDAY $360 | FRI-SUN $365


This treatment uses heat-driven muscle repair with a targeted
application of arnica-rich gel and steamed towels to ease muscle
pain and relax joints in your back and spine. The final result is greater
mobility without the soreness that sometimes follows a deep tissue

50 MIN WEEKDAY $180 | FRI-SUN $185
80 MIN WEEKDAY $245 | FRI-SUN $250
110 MIN WEEKDAY $360 | FRI-SUN $365


This deeply revitalizing treatment uses aromatherapy and therapeutic massage to unwind the body. Choose between two aroma therapeutic blends of exotic herbs and essences designed by a clinical aroma therapist and herbalist to re-invigorate the senses.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $180 | FRI-SUN $185
80 MIN WEEKDAY $245 | FRI-SUN $250
110 MIN WEEKDAY $360 | FRI-SUN $365


This light to medium rhythmic massage, similar to a classic Swedish massage, will lull you into a deep state of relaxation, where you focus on the therapist’s touch, and delight in a delicious scalp massage using wild lime oils.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $165 | FRI-SUN $170
80 MIN WEEKDAY $230 | FRI-SUN $235
110 MIN WEEKDAY $315 | FRI-SUN $320


This gentle relaxing therapy melts away tension and eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $170 | FRI-SUN $175
80 MIN WEEKDAY $245 | FRI-SUN $250


Completely envelop your senses in this massage experience as two
therapists use four hands to massage in rhythmic tandem, allowing
your body and mind to slide into a deeply relaxed state.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $360 | FRI-SUN $370
80 MIN WEEKDAY $490 | FRI-SUN $500


Science has shown that prenatal massage can reduce stress hormones, swollen joints and muscle pain while improving sleep. Our special pillow system is designed for the body of an expecting mother, allowing her to lie face down with full support. This experience is designed with the safety and comfort of mother and child in mind.Suitable for expectant mothers in their second and third trimester only.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $165 | FRI-SUN $170
80 MIN WEEKDAY $230 | FRI-SUN $235


Reflex points in the foot relate to specific organs and glands, and stimulating those points promotes health in the organs via the body’s energetic pathways. Our specially trained reflexologists restore overall health to your body by massaging the feet and reflex points, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced. Reflexology can be performed while clothed or underneath sheets — your choice.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $165 | FRI-SUN $170


This powerful treatment focuses on fascia, the tough connective tissue that surrounds, separates, and supports muscles throughout the body. In fact, unless the fascia is relaxed, muscle tissue may not fully benefit from a traditional massage. Your therapist locates areas that feel tight and immobile, and using focused pressure and gentle stretching, works to release the fascia, improving mobility and reducing pain and tension. This is particularly good for helping to unlock areas of chronic pain and injury.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $180 | FRI-SUN $185


Light touch is used to shift and correct the rhythms of the craniosacral system, located around the head, neck and spine. Your body’s internal resources are replenished through this gentle hands-on method. This treatment is helpful for headaches, minor neck and back pain, and relieving stress and tension.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $180 | FRI-SUN $185


It is said that this ancient style of massage may have been developed by Buddha’s physician nearly 2,500 years ago. A massage for the more adventurous or experienced spa-goer, Thai massage incorporates stretching and targets pressure points to allow your energy to flow. Please wear loose fitting clothing. The specially trained therapist literally use their whole body to move you into various yoga-like positions, releasing muscles, increasing range of motion and leaving you invigorated.

50 MIN WEEKDAY $180 | FRI-SUN $185
80 MIN WEEKDAY $245 | FRI-SUN $250


We will bring the spa to you. Receive the massage of your choice in the
comfort of your own room.

Starting at $330
● 24 Hour Advanced Notice Required
● Not Valid For Specials or Discounts
● Subject to Availability


Custom Seasonal Aromatherapy $15
Collagen Face Mask $50
Collagen Eye Mask $25
Nourishing Foot Scrub $15
Cooling Eye Treatment $15
Gemstone Sinus Soother $25
Hot Oil Scalp Massage $15
Muscle Soother $20
Reflexology 25 MIN $75
Energizing Foot & Leg Treatment 25 MIN $75
Soothing Hand & Arm Treatment 25 MIN $75

*Enhancements may be booked with spa reservations at the time of your service.