Food and nutrition play an integral part in ensuring you can live life to its fullest with abundant energy. Using evidence-based approaches, our registered nutrition coaches work with you in a relaxed setting to help customize your eating plan in a highly personalized and results oriented manner.


Allow our Wellness Coaches to create a blueprint for your fitness and nutritional lifestyle in order to increase your energy and overall well-being. Included in this program are the following topics:

• Bod Pod Body Composition Assessment
• Weight Management Discussion and Strategies
• Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
• Grocery Store Checklists
• How to Read Nutrition Labels
• Recommended weekly workout schedule including strength
and cardiovascular activity recommendations
• Basic Nutrition Guidance
• Goal Setting for Future Success
• Supplement Recommendations

WEEKDAY $120 | FRI-SUN $125

*Please note this consultation is not intended to address specific medically related issues or concerns.