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Safety & Wellness

Hello and a sincere welcome back from our team here at Red Rock Spa by Well & Being.

Our mission continues to be to provide the best care for you, our guest, as we navigate the unparalleled circumstances of COVID-19. As we incorporate CDC  & OSHA guidelines into our daily routines, we are focusing on the best methods to extend gracious hospitality within our business operations.

Amid rapid changes, our commitment remains constant to provide our guests nurturing, quality, highly skilled spa/salon services and fitness/wellness programs. Our Employee Partners are working together in our local communities to protect your well-being.

Please note:  we will at ALL times defer and comply with any and all state and federal government directives related to guest and employee partner protective wear, all directives for proper social distancing, approved occupancy numbers by space, and proper sanitization processes.  As a result, there will be new processes in place to meet our high service standards.

To help acquaint you to those changes, below are the latest updates you can expect to see when you return:

  • Employee Partners at the Front Desk are required to wear protective masks. Each of our Employee Partners have been provided guidelines on safe mask use and the importance of frequent hand washing & sanitization methods. Employee Partners who handle Point of Sale transactions are properly sanitizing their hands every time they interact with any payment method.
  • To limit person-to-person contact, guests are encouraged to utilize our online booking platform for spa  and salon to book services. We are working to incorporate touch-less point of sale options. Where possible, we will ask that you swipe your own credit/debit card and we will discontinue asking for PIN numbers for transactions.
  • You can anticipate being greeted by your service provider in a socially distanced manner, that may vary from where you have traditionally been greeted previously. In order to maintain safe distances, we are expanding “waiting” locations and our staff will direct you to the location where you will be greeted for your service.  Your service provider will meet you wearing a mask and escort you to your treatment room.
  • Our Employee Partners have been trained to execute in a highly detailed sanitization process for all treatment rooms, salon stations and all public locations. We have extended the time between services to provide ample time for our Employee Partners to properly sanitize and prepare the treatment room/space for the next guest.  Once you are situated in your treatment room, we will explain the service and share the sanitization guidelines, providing you a comfortable, nurturing and therapeutically beneficial service.
  • We will extend to you the option of wearing a mask during your treatment and ask that you consider doing so anytime you are in close proximity to the Employee Partner (i.e. when lying face up during massage). Our estheticians will be wearing protective face shields  and masks during facials to alleviate the need for a mask on your part during all facials, per state guidelines.
  • Our service technicians will be allowed to wear gloves to deliver your service, upon your request. However, they are required to wear protective masks during the entire treatment experience.
  • All TESTER samples in our retail boutique areas have been removed. Our team will be happy to provide you with an individual sample.  This allows us to maintain proper sanitization of all retail items.



Our commitment is to provide “Flawless Service; Every Guest, Every Day.”  As part of this commitment we are paying special attention to the everyday details which extend to the parts of our operations guests do not see.

  • When clocking in for their shifts our Employee Partners are:
  • prompted to review a list of symptoms, including those of COVID-19, so they know not to clock-in, but to go home if experiencing symptoms.
  • Temperature checks are being administered to every Employee Partners prior to entering the spa facility on a daily basis.
  • Our teams have been instructed on the importance of proper social distancing. To properly illustrate these procedures visual diagrams with guidelines have been made available and will be seen throughout our facility during your visit.  We will also be posting “Maximum Occupancy” notices in all appropriate areas to ensure we are compliant with all current local and federal governmental guidelines. We ask that you respect these guidelines both for your safety and to ease the burden of necessary enforcement by our management team.
  • In our spa, salon and fitness operations, cleanliness and proper sanitization are our highest priority. In all our locations we have implemented procedures and guidelines for the use of EPA-approved disinfectants to disinfect point-of-sale systems and other high touch points at no less than every 30 minutes and/or between services or guest use. This includes all fitness center locations.  We have made available sanitization wipes in our fitness center locations for guests and we strongly encourage you to properly wipe down equipment on your own both before and after use.  Our team will be present to do the same.

This is an unparalleled time which requires new and extraordinary measures. Please know that we are taking every precaution to keep our spa/wellness operations open to serve you and support our dedicated team of Employee Partners.

We know that the nurturing and healing services and programs we offer are crucial now more than ever.  As we enter a time of healing, we want to ensure you that your experience, safety and well-being is our top priority.

Thank you and welcome back!