Meetings with a serious afterglow

An innovative approach to work and wellness, Well & Being seeks to achieve immediate yet lasting results, empowering attendees to lead healthier and happier lives, both professionally and personally. Planners can be assured that Well & Being provides a turn-key option for outstanding spa treatments, food and beverage experiences, and a personalized and attentive approach to service. Let us help your group Live It Well!

At Well & Being, a meeting is never just a meeting; it’s a fresh opportunity for stress reduction, play and transformation. A unique mix of spa and wellness experiences will inspire higher levels of performance and life satisfaction. Whether your attendees enjoy traditional massages and facials, or participate in a health fair, we can make your meeting memorable and productive.

With the most luxurious of facilities, fabulous array of spa services, cutting-edge skincare, energizing fitness classes plus nutrition and preventive health programs, your attendees will have a wide variety of activities, all of which may be customized to your meeting goals for team building or increasing focus and productivity.

Planners can be assured that Well & Being provides a turn-key option for outstanding spa treatments, food and beverage experiences, and a personalized and attentive approach to service. Let us help your group live it well!

Well & Being Group Experiences

To inquire about group experiences please call 702.797. 7632 or email

Mindful Breaks

Learn effective techniques from our nutrition experts on how to make smart food and beverage decisions while on the go. Great for business professionals with a heavy travel schedule. (10+ 15-30 minutes $35 per person)

Gets attendees out of their chairs, gets blood owing and breathing effectively to relax to reduce stress. (Any size 15-30 minutes $15 per person/ $300 minimum)

Through guided tensing and relaxing of muscles, attendees will feel refreshed and energized! (Any size 15-30 minutes $15 per person/ $300 minimum)

Our fitness trainer will guide your attendees through dynamic stretching movements to increase blood ow while stimulating cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems. A great active break to give your team an energy
boost at any time of day. (Any size 15-30 minutes $15 per person/ $300 minimum)

Laughter is the best medicine for reducing blood pressure and stress while increasing endorphins. Our yoga gurus bring out the joy and lift spirits to help start off your event in a fun and group bonding, easy comfortable way. (Any size 15-30 minutes $15 per person/ $300 minimum)

Mindful eating means being aware of your eating habits, the sensations you experience when you eat, and the thoughts and emotions that you have about food. Going back to the B.A.S.I.C.S. guides attendees towards how you eat rather than what you eat. (10 or more 15-30 minutes $35 per person)


Let our Red Rock by Well & Being Group Experience Coordinators create the ideal program of treatment and class combinations for your attendees and your group schedule. An ideal way to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating spa component to your program!
Ability to accommodate up to 23 treatments per hour if booked in advance.
- Customized Welcome Flyer
Well & Being provides customized welcome flyers to highlight specials for your group. Flyers can be used in on-line conference registration material to promote group incentives for advance spa bookings.
- Spa Registration desk upon group arrival to the resort.
- Full use of spa facility is included for every attendee with a booked
treatment for the same day.
- Private Spa Pool
- Wet Steam Room
- Swedish Dry Sauna
- Hot Therapeutic Whirlpool
- Swiss Shower
- Fitness gym use with cardiovascular and strength training equipment - Regularly scheduled exercise classes

*Any size group, times and prices vary based on selected services.

Eat Well

Learn the essential ingredients for wellness, productivity and energy in a group session with our Wellness Experts. You’ll build your own lunch jar, a unique twist to the sack lunch, which is tailor made and can be taken home. This experience can also be made into an exciting individual or team challenge. Inquire as to the unique ways we can customize this memorable experience for your team including personalized take home options, group photos and digital informational kits to keep the fun alive long after the event. (15-35 1-2 hours $85 per person)

Mindful Eating – an ideal session that discusses health with our wellness experts. Includes a healthy cuisine lunch served with mindful eating techniques. (15-35 1-2 hours $85 per person)

See the chef in action while learning how to make a healthy, nutritious, tasty and amazing meal. (15-35 1-2 hours $85 per person)

Teaches your group about slowing the aging process through food, supplements and exercise. Demonstrations on acupressure and stress busting techniques are provided, along with a healthy cuisine lunch. (15-35 1-2 hours $85 per person)

Mindful eating means being aware of your eating habits, the sensations you experience when you eat, and the thoughts and emotions that you have about food. Going back to the B.A.S.I.C.S. guides attendees towards how you eat rather than what you eat. (10 or more 15-30 minutes $35 per person)


Discover the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space. Through this step-by step technique, you will learn all you need to flip, swing and fly through space without even noticing that you are working out. Lean in and learn the art of letting go while activating feelings of strength and synchronicity. (Up to 14 60 minutes $350 per hour)

Join our world class instructors for the ride of your life. This indoor group cycling class is the first of its kind in the United States! (1-15 60 minutes $350 per hour)

Intrinity is an elevated fitness board and training program designed to build strength, balance and edibility, coordination and agility. For the first time, Intrinity takes the workout off the floor, providing access to entirely new movements and completely redefining the training environment. (1-5 60 minutes $350 per session)

A total body workout developed by a Navy Seal using gravity and bodyweight to develop strength, flexibility and a solid core. TRX® is a great option for all ages and fitness levels. (1-15 60 minutes $350 per session)

All of the above class experiences can be combined in our “fusion” workout programs. Fusion workouts combine bits and pieces from each of these unique classes into a fun group exercise workout. (10+ 60 minutes $500)

Strength and conditioning training program is built on constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. The program is modified for each individual. Class may be held outdoors, weather permitting. (1-30 60 minutes $350 per hour)

Join in the journey to enhanced physical and mental health with exercises that promote flexibility and strength as well as relaxation through controlled breath. (10+ 60 minutes $450 per hour $500 per hour for alternate location)

Based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, this class combines discipline and flexibility with an emphasis on core and trunk stabilization. (10+ 60 minutes $450 per hour $500 per hour for alternate location)

It’s time to run, jump, dance, and get dirty. In case you didn’t know, 5K races aren’t always about running. With different themes and obstacles, there’s a whole subset of races – let our experts create a memorable experience for your team. (Any size times and pricing may vary depending on complexity and permits)

Outdoor Fitness

Let us show you a side of Las Vegas you never knew existed. With a beautiful high desert wonderland less than 10 minutes outside our door we offer an array of outdoor activities unmatched in Las Vegas... group guided hikes, bike and rock climbing of Red Rock Canyon. Call 702.797.7878 to inquire about group size, duration and pricing for all off site adventures.

Hikes of all levels abound within a short distance of Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa and an ideal way to pursue fitness while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds. Hikes vary in length to accommodate all levels of fitness and experience. Don’t forget your appetite for adventure – even if your group has never hiked before, they’re in for a great experience!

For the group who prefers to get off their feet and onto their seats, this area is perfect for all levels and types of biking. Whether your group wants to road bike the 13 mile one-way scenic loop at Red Rock Canyon or take to one of the many sanctioned mountain-bike trails, Red Rock Canyon has some of the best biking in the world.

Red Rock Canyon is one of the most popular climbing destinations in the country, so it is no exaggeration to say rock climbers from all over the world come to Red Rock Canyon for everything from bouldering to multi-pitch climbs. Great for the beginner group who wants to try their hand at this thrilling sport, there’s no better time for a guided rock climb.

Grab your walking shoes and enjoy a brisk power walk through the grounds of our beautiful resort. (1-25 1 hour $350)

Wellness Education

Experience a taste of what Well & Being has to offer, providing participants with an interactive approach to the spa and wellness combination. Enjoy healthful experiences with pampering for all! Program – includes a light breakfast,
15 minute introduction called Fun in 15, interactive demonstrations or mini treatments with Well & Being experts (acupuncture, scrub and mud bar, chair massage, ower essence choices, use of Spa for the day for all participants). (15+ 2 hours $140 per person)

One of our talented spa or wellness professionals will have tea and coffee with your group (food and beverage are not included in the price). Included is a very bene cial Q&A session. Your hour includes a product sample or handout depending on the expert you chose: nutritionist, personal trainer, beauty professional, acupuncturist. (10-100 1 hour $20 per person)

Well & Being has the ability to provide you with a selection of inspiring and motivational speakers on the topics of optimal health and wellness. Based on your program, we can provide you with keynote speakers for consideration. (any size times and pricing varies depending on speaker and subject matter)


After Your Meeting – Enhance your Natural Beauty with a visit to the Style Bar! A refreshingly simple concept; we wash, blow, and style hair in just 45 minutes. Order up one of our 5 distinct styles, from Wild Style to Event Style – and one of our talented stylists will take it from there while guest relax and enjoy the experience. The perfect solution for your group’s evening event or night on the town!

WILD STYLE: Big, sexy round brush
SLEEK STYLE: Smooth, straight ironed
IN STYLE: Hollywood glam waves

Looking for a fun way to “Glam Up” your group attendees before their gala night or big awards dinner? This activity can be highly customized to include everything from make up touch ups, to blow outs/updo’s to mini mani/ pedi stations. Spice it up with champagne toasts and unique lite bites. Prices and times vary based on size of group selection of offerings included.

Venue Rental

Our spa provides an idyllic getaway just minutes from the world- renowned Las Vegas Strip. Ideally situated near the entrance to Red Rock Canyon National Park, you couldn’t ask for a more intimate, yet exciting place to play, both indoors and out. With over 25,000 square feet of space and our own private adults-only lap pool, we are the perfect location for your group to enjoy any occasion.
The following venues can be reserved for private receptions, lectures and meetings. Pricing does not include food and beverage, AV equipment, additional seating or treatments. You choose your venue, and customize your own program – and we will make it happen!

Encompassing 25,000 square feet and 18 private treatment rooms, our stunning spa is sure to elicit relaxation just by stepping through our doors. We can accommodate groups of all sizes for various facial, body treatments and massage treatments with our licensed, skilled therapists.

Our Generously sized salon can accommodate 4 manicures, 4 pedicures and 4 hair treatments per hour along with semi private location for men’s barbering services. So order up some champagne and bring your attendees to this glamorous venue for a pre-event get together.

Overlooking impressive Red Rock Canyon views with a serene setting, our private spa pool is ideal for intimate gatherings. Whether you are hosting a cocktail hour or a luncheon, the spa pool is an ideal retreat.

Hosting up to 15 participants for a tness activity or 25 attendees for a small private gathering, this on-site quiet venue is a hidden gem with a stunning back drop of the private spa pool.

Wellness Lounge

Give your attendees respite from their meeting and trade show schedule with a quiet place to relax and visit. We create the environment adjacent to your meeting location where feet can be propped up and thoughts can be collected!
- Relaxing lounge and sofa seating
- Ottomans or footrests
- Music (choose from classical, spa music, or nature’s sounds) - Freshly infused waters
- Also included with your Wellness Lounge purchase are
- Salt scrubs in adjacent restrooms
- Hot or cooling towels at each break
For an additional fee, the following spa stations can be added to your Wellness Lounge which can typically accommodate 4-6 guests per hour at each chair:
- Chair Massage stations
Tense neck and shoulders repaired and relaxed!
- Hand/Forearm moisturizing therapeutic massage stations Excellent for computer wrists and smart phone texting relief! Includes warmed mitts for extra relaxation