Skincare Routine From Our Experts

Is it hot enough for you yet? We are currently in the midst of a very hot summer and with the heat of the Las Vegas desert, it is important to be showing your skin some extra love and attention. Our Lead Esthetician, Erika Bradley, at Red Rock Spa by Well & Being is giving us some of her best tips and a few extra steps she adds to her skincare routine during the summer that keep her skin glowing, hydrated and looking its best! 

What is one “secret” trick that helps you maintain that summer glow? 

Hydration! Dry summer heat can zap moisture from the skin.  I use serums and moisturizers that contain humectants like hylauronic acid, which give skin a moisture boost and help create a firm, youthful look.

What are some unique products you have found that help your skin in the summertime? 

I look for products that do double duty.  A tinted sunscreen is lightweight, protects my skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and evens out my skin tone.

If you had to pick one beauty product that you can’t live without, what would it be? 

A good facial exfoliant, like Lancer’s Method Polish.  It keeps my skin looking fresh and glowing and feeling smooth and soft. 

What are your top moisturizer picks for the summer?

I like Naturopathica’s Calendula Hydrating Cream.  It helps hydrate and it’s very soothing.

How do you prepare your skin for the summer heat?

I switch up my skin care routine and opt for lighter moisturizers and add in hydration boosting serums.  I also make sure I’m using an antioxidant serum because I’m spending a bit more time outside.

What are some of your favorite SPF skin items to use to protect your skin from the harsh summer heat?  

I prefer sunscreen that feels light on my skin!  Lancer’s SPF 30 sunscreen is my go to.

To keep your feet and hands soft and smooth in the summer what is the best treatments or products to use?  

I keep a sugar scrub in my shower and use it every other day to soften rough skin.  Lalicious Coconut Sugar Scrub is my favorite, I love the summery scent!

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